What are the Nutrition Facts?

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How do I store my stash of snacks?

If you can resist eating your whole order the minute it arrives at your door, here are a few ways we recommend keeping them fresh!


This is not only our favorite way to eat them, but it is the optimal way to store them. They can be stored for months, but we doubt they will last that long anyways! Get ready to experience our snack’s spot on, creamy texture that you’ll realize is what you’ve been missing your whole life!


You can’t go wrong with putting Kelly Jean Snacks in your fridge, where they will also last for months. This is where you get the best of both worlds- the refrigerated snacks will have a softer texture than those in the freezer and will immediately melt in your mouth while still being teased with crunchies!

Room Temperature

Snacks can be at room temperature for a couple weeks. Kelly made sure the packaging gave everyone the chance to get out of the kitchen and head out onto any adventure! Are you on the beach in the hot sun? No worries! The packaging is made so that you can tear off a corner and use it as a squeeze pouch and still enjoy every bite of your snack with the consistency of a nut butter with a delightful crisp!


One snack- 3 different experiences.

Making it impossible to be bored while indulging in protein!


What’s with all the storage protocols?!

Our values at Kelly Jean Snacks led us to provide a nutrition bar that you forget is good for you because it tastes that great! This snack is made of real, whole foods with zero preservatives… Now you can upgrade your health and have a snack at the same time! This is why we use temperature to control the quality of the product. Following these storage guidelines will give you the best overall snacking experience. Enjoy!


Shipping To Your Door

We love that in today’s e-commerce world we can send our products from our kitchen directly to you! We strive for the best customer service you’ve ever had and stand by our 100% satisfaction policy. To deliver the best snack, we offer 1-3 day delivery options through USPS or UPS to make sure you are getting your snacks as soon as possible.  If you live in a warmer climate state, or its the warmer seasons, we will be adding a cold gel pack to your shipment. It is normal for that gel pack to be at room temp when you receive your package; it has done its job in keeping your products cold during its shipment. During the summer season we want to make sure your package is delivered in optimal condition, so we will ship out your orders Monday through Wednesday. Let’s bring joy from our kitchen to yours!



Wholesalers please Contact Us for more details!


Return Policy

We know you will love these snacks as much as we do, which is why we have a 100% satisfaction policy! In case you are not happy with Kelly Jean Snacks for any reason please reach out to us at kelly@kellyjeansnacks.com or write us a note on our Contact Us page so we can address the issue, offer another shipment of snacks, or refund of your money.


Mission Statement

“Our mission is to make the highest quality nutrition and snack bars that satisfy cravings without sacrificing flavor, take the stress out of healthy snacking, give everyone the gift of more time to pursue their passions, and add value to the world.”