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Dairy Free & Vegan

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Snack Bites

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Kelly Has Created the Perfect Snack

Kelly Jean has created the perfect snack that will adapt to you and your environment! Eat it frozen, or knead and squeeze while on the go. Either way- Enjoy!

What Makes This Snack Perfect?


"Whenever I eat one of these, it feels like I am eating a candy bar. Then I look at the nutrition label and remember it's actually healthy!"

Kree Gullings - Huge Fan

“I feel like I’ve tried every Protein/Keto snack out there.  None of them have stood out or motivated me to buy them again and again…that is until I tried the Kelly Jean line of snacks.  These are hands down, without exception not only my favorite healthy protein snack, but my favorite snack period.  The smooth silky texture combined with a little bit of crunch along with the salty and sweet is the perfect blend  — savory and healthy Kelly Jean’s snacks are my go-to every time.”

Jake Andersen - Hunter & Avid Outdoorsman

"I love that the bars don't have anything artificial- A pure, clean, enjoyable treat!"


Kelly Jean Snacks taste so good and are so convenient for the person on-the-go who needs a treat in between meals

Roy Horvey

These Kelly Jean snacks are bomber. Quick, healthy, energy and absolutely scrumptious. My new favorite snack by far, Kelly Jean nailed it on these bad boys #keepemcoming

Thad Morris

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