The Story of Starting - Part 4

The Story of Starting - Part 4




Looking back into starting Kelly Jean Snacks back in 2019, I am reminded how starting something new is not just about the “to-do” list, but it's also choosing a new identity, changing my mindset, and having new habits. If you've ever started a new workout routine, you know what I mean! The anticipation, excitement, negative self talk, and/or fear of not being able to do it. I used to think you could just ignore the negative thoughts/fears and just push through- which I suppose you can……. (🥴Im fine, everything's fine! lol) 

In my experience, if you don't face them they will come out and can start sabotaging yourself! Self talk starts with excuses of “I don't know how”, “i'm not qualified”, “why it won't work”, “I can't”, finding reasons to not follow through, the list goes on and on….


Starting Kelly Jean Snacks began with a commitment that I would give 110% and do my best in whatever way that looked like. I refuse to look back with regret and think “what if i just went for it”. Following that commitment- my brain went into protection mode. "Fears and what-ifs" flooded in. This is because our brains are still programmed to survive and protect us. (Reptilian Brain) Our brains want us to feel safe, stay in comfort, and keep habits that help us use less energy. What is comforting to know- this is normal and happens to everyone. Is it helpful to us in 2022? No 😂

While there was a lot TO-DO to get Kelly Jean Snacks business going, I also had to learn new habits, fuel my brain to have a positive mindset, and choose a new identity.

4 Tools To A Positive Mindset, Keeping New Habits, and Having More Self-Confidence


1 - Name Your Fears and Call Them Out By Asking “Why” 5X

Figure out specifically what your fear is! Ask yourself why you have that fear; and continue asking “why” 5 more times which will bring out more clarity on the reason for that fear. Most of the time- you will find the fear is sourced out of a story your brain is making up to “protect you”. 

Starting Kelly Jean Snacks didn't always come naturally and smoothly, and fears/worries would start to creep in about why I was even starting. I was a stay at home mom for 5 years with a background in Clinical Lab Science. I had no food industry background or business experience! Majority of the steps in building this company has been a learning curve! Then one day, I was listening to a podcast and heard a story of a lady who had a passion for self care and had a dream of owning her own salon. She didn't have any education or license to “qualify” her in this passion. Long story short- she owns one of the highest accredited salons in her city! I started seeking out more podcasts and stories of companies that started that creator was not qualified. And let me tell you- there as SO MANY name brand companies that started this way!  What qualifies you is your passion which will fuel you through all the obstacles.

2 - Surround Yourself With Supportive People 

You can't do it alone. There will be days when you need your accountability team, the people who can envision your dream with you, as well as the people who can brainstorm or teach you things along the way! These people are invaluable to the journey you are on. Sometimes when you are “in it”, it's hard to have the 50,000 ft birds-eye view which makes it so important to surround yourself with people who can bring overall clarity. Business is the same way as working out; you might not notice the mental/physical growths that are happening unless someone from the outside can remind you on how far you've come!

Word of advice, it is a privilege to be in someone's circle- treat it as such. As for picking people to be in your circle, don't take it lightly and choose wisely to whom you pick and know they will stick with you through good and tough times.

3- It's not about you, it's about THEM!

This phrase can come in handy in so many ways! One of fear's tricks is to mentally keep us isolated, so you start to get stuck in your own head. You may start to procrastinate because you want things to be perfect, you may worry about what people will think of you, or just plainly feel in the dumps.  Keep focused on your why and serving others- this will give you a positive mindset and the right direction to go!

Most importantly- if you can't get out of your own head of having a negative mindset, get out of your surroundings and help someone else!! The chance to help others is a greater gift than receiving any gift. 💝 

4- Keep The Promises You Make To Yourself

THIS one has been one of the biggest game-changers in my confidence. It sounds easy- “get to the gym like I told myself I would” and keep up with healthy habits, but it is so much more!

It is building self-trust because you know you have so much respect for yourself as to keep the promises you've made to yourself. Would you break promises you make with the people close to you? Just remember these promises are JUST as important to keep with yourself.

Now- here's the hidden gem of it all. Are you starting something new and not sure if you can do it? Once our brain has experienced “success”, we just have to remind ourselves of the feelings we had with the past experience and know we can trust ourselves that we can do anything! Here is one of my experiences of using this tool: Starting Kelly Jean Snacks came with many unknowns and a small voice of fear saying “can I do it?”. I needed the self-confidence and to trust myself that I CAN. I remembered the promises I made to myself in my early 20s to overcome my health condition. In the midst of that healing journey, I was not sure of the outcome or if I would ever feel healthy again. It was staying committed to the promises I made myself that has kept me in remission for over 7 years!! Now, with starting a company I can overcome fear because I have experienced how to handle the negative self talk, as well as to trust myself and my abilities knowing that I CAN DO ANYTHING.