A snack for anywhere

Kelly Jean Snacks can go with you anywhere. You can enjoy the snack as a frozen bar directly out of the freezer, or you can toss it in your backpack and enjoy the delicious blend as a paste or butter. 



How It Works:

This delicious snack was constructed specially to be versatile. It operates as a chilled candy bar when pulled from the freezer and eaten right away. With creamy textures and smooth flavor, this chilled treat will cover any grumbly tummy. If you toss it in your bag, in a few hours you will have a room temperature snack ready to be enjoyed with a simple tear & squeeze.  Pull out an energy boost in the middle of a work day, after a tough workout, or on the next switchback of the trail.

Easy AND Healthy

Not only can you enjoy this snack in many different ways, this snack is also guilt free. You can enjoy the flavorful combination knowing that the delicious flavors youre enjoying are all packed full of healthy goodness.