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Our LIMITED EDITION spreads are here! 

Same flavors that you fell in love with is now ready to have you dive in with a spoon. (We won't tell anyone how many spoonfuls you've had!) 

Based off your favorite Kelly Jean Snacks - our Nut Butter Spreads are a delightful twist - infused with the wholesome goodness of our signature Snack Bites! Indulge in a protein-packed, versatile delight that's perfect for snacking and adding to your toast, oatmeal, pancakes, or straight with a spoon! Made with the best ingredients, it's a guilt-free treat you'll crave again and again.

We brought back DAIRY FREE PEANUT BUTTER + CHOCOLATE CHIP and are excited to introduce our newest creation: NOBAKOOKIE!

Dairy Free Peanut Butter + Chocolate Chip is such a fun creation to make from our best selling Snack Bite.

Nobakookie is our version of a famous "hazelnut spread", just without the junky ingredients! It is also based off our flavor, No Bake Cookie and we are wondering what took us so long to make a cookie in a jar- SO YUM!!

Only a limited amount made and for a limited time!