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Anyone else have a hard time eating heated food in hot weather? I sure know I don’t want to start the oven in the house when it’s a 90-degree day! Cowboy Caviar hits the spot in the summer with its fresh, savory components; and it’s presentation of abundant colors doesn’t hurt too. This cold salad got it’s name by being known as the “poor man’s” version of true caviar, but there is nothing poor to it when it comes to nutrition and being packed-full of fresh vegetables. Did I mention this recipe is dairy-free, gluten-free, and a great option for...

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In honor of dairy free No Bake Cookie Protein Bites, I wanted to share one of our family favorites, dairy-free version! I am all about the swap! So even if you are trying to avoid food categories, you can still find ways to keep your favorite comfort foods! Especially when trying to find an alternative to creamy meals that truly compare to the original… you’ll find me belting out some Impossible by Whitney Houston( 90s Cinderella movie)! Haha Joking aside, it is possible to find ways to swap out food categories and still indulge on meals! In my experience, just...

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