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"Can you bring a salad?" My family and I currently live a state or two away from our immediate family.  When we come home for family holidays, they are kind to provide most of the meal. So, I’ll ask how I can help with the holiday meal and consistently get the reply “Can you bring a salad?”  Honestly, I can do the main dishes if it’s necessary, but I’m a side-dish fanatic and it’s where any kitchen talents I have lies. Come to think of it, I’m always in charge of the side dishes even if the meal is at...

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I’d like to think I’m a planner, but my history shows I tend to lean towards spontaneity. Especially when it comes to food- I usually go by feeling and what I’ve got in my pantry. Well, that doesn’t work too well for homemade cheesecake that has to bake and cool in the fridge, which usually take 6 hours in which most people make it the day before. So, when its 2pm on my husband’s birthday and I don’t have his favorite dessert ready- I’ve got to have a few last-minute solutions! It wouldn’t be fun in the kitchen without of...

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